Bringing Biology to Life through video

The Next Evolution in Biology Education

JoVE Core is an immersive and interactive way to teach and learn biology through the power of video and multimedia learning.

The content you need, the way you need it!

Integrate specific multi-media lessons into your course or move away from expensive and static textbooks entirely with JoVE Core Bio. Whichever way you prefer, you can help your students better understand difficult concepts with JoVE Core!

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Video learning boosts student success

Give your students the content they need, in the way they prefer — VIDEO!  You can easily add JoVE Core into an existing course to give your students the edge they seek. With Core, students can watch, listen, read, and self-assess to help them better understand difficult concepts.

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Easily create assessments for your students

Choose from pre-populated quizzes to get a quick understanding of learning outcomes. Or, take full control by building your own quizzes, uploading images, and running details reports right from Core Bio!

Tie concepts to real-life science

Show your students how each topic is tied to what cutting-edge scientists are doing right now. Choose from more than 150 peer-reviewed video articles to show your students how the world’s top laboratories are practicing what you preach!