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Video Courseware to Replace the Textbook

Built to replace your traditional textbook entirely, JoVE Core is an innovative and interactive way to teach biology to undergraduates through the power of an online video platform. JoVE Core Bio brings proven results for all learners at a price students will love.


Everything you need for undergraduate biology.

JoVE Core Bio brings undergraduates a platform that will transform the way they learn biology. Students see core concepts visualized through easy to understand animations and real life examples of scientists in action. JoVE Core uses more than 400 concise and professional videos, interactive note-taking and fully customizeable assessments to provide the perfect foundation for flipped and traditional classroom learning.

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Simple and elegant interface.

Easily navigate through six sections and 33 chapters of beautifully animated curriculum tailored for first-year biology students.

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Fully customizable, pre-populated quizzes.

Assess how your students are progressing – and make sure they do the work.

Bookmark key concepts and take notes to compile a personalized study guide.

Students outline their notes and timestamp them to information they want to review.

JoVE Journal articles included in every chapter.

100+ primary source articles integrated right into the platform with full video and text.