1.1 Data Controller contact details for GDPR compliance:

MyJoVE Corporation
1 Alewife Center, Suite 200
Cambridge, MA 02140
tel: 617-945-9051

1.2 Purposes of processing, legitimate interests for processing, categories of personal data, and retention periods

1.2.1 We process your email address, password, and IP address for legitimate business purposes, which includes:
1) Ensuring the security of your account. Passwords are one-way encrypted and unknown to JoVE
2) Calculating institutional usage of JoVE products for Librarians to satisfy the performance of a contract and to ensure proper delivery of service
3) Better understanding how users interact with our website and to inform users of relevant JoVE products

1.2.2 If you do not have an account on JoVE:
- We use IP based authentication to ensure we are providing appropriate access to our content. These IPs are encrypted and stored for up to 36 months. Linking that IP to an individual is impossible.

1.2.3 If you are logged in or submit a recommendation:
- We store encrypted IP addresses to ensure your account is secure and legitimate; this information is encrypted and not publicly available. Upon account deletion, all information is deleted immediately and recommendation data is stored up to 36 months.
- If you write a recommendation, then this message may be sent to your institutions librarian and will be stored for up to 36 months.

1.2.4 To ensure proper access for customers, and to maintain site health and security, we store our access logs for 60 days. This information includes IP and details about how you are accessing the site.

1.2.5 We access publicly available publication information, limited to article title, email address, and institution, to reach out to potential authors and customers.

1.3 Recipients of the personal data

Personal data (email address and IP) are only stored or accessed by JoVE and a CRM/marketing platform. This information is not disseminated elsewhere. We ensure that we keep your personal data safe and secure at all times.

1.4 Rights available to an individual

1.4.1 Contact us at any time to exercise any of your explicit rights related to data protection at

1.4.2 Lodge a complaint directly to the relevant supervisory authority